Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some moms deserve a Father's Day card

I know a few people who deserve a Father’s Day card this coming Sunday, and they are not men. They are single moms who play both mother and father to their kids. They are the sole providers for their children, their sports coach, spiritual counselor, and their dinner chef.

These are the moms who put on a “Dad” hat when their boys need answers about puberty, dating, and girls. Single moms have the task of painting a picture of what a “good man” should look like for their daughters and sons because they have no role model at home to go by.

These dual-parenting moms have to be nurturing and caring when their kids fall and get hurt. Then they have to switch roles with the tough, “no-harm-done” attitude of a dad. These moms protect the house and have to be brave, when deep down inside, they're wishing they had someone protecting them too.

Single moms take up the role of being dad on a trial and error basis. Like, when mom goes to the sporting goods store and buys a catcher’s mitt for her son who's an out-fielder. Who knew?

Mom, teaching her son how to put on a groin protection cup --priceless.

Single moms bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan too. They check homework and do laundry and take out the trash. They hammer loose nails and put air in bike tires. They stand toe-to-toe with bully dads and anyone or anything that threatens their children.

One of my closest friends is this kind of mom.  Lynda adopted her twin, niece and nephew, when they were two-and-a-half years old, along with their five year-old, brother. Their parents couldn’t do the job right, and the kids were headed to foster care.

She left her well-established career as a TV reporter in Washington, D.C. and returned to her home state of Texas to make sure her kids were near extended family.

Her kids are now wonderful young adults. Her sons are well-mannered gentlemen. Her daughter is about to finish college. It was their mom who guided them to be outstanding adults. 

When I visit Lynda and the kids, the boys still don’t hesitate to grab my luggage and carry it for me. Her daughter is beautiful, sweet and very smart. She carries herself as a self-respecting young lady and is as strong as her mother.

 In recent years, my friend’s kids have begun honoring her on Father’s Day.
They give her a Father's Day card, aware of the double roles she has had to play in their lives. My friend admits, that getting the Father’s Day card means more to her than the card she gets on Mother’s Day. 

This Father's Day, I encourage all of us to recognize the efforts of single moms who have to fill the shoes of a missing dad in their children's lives.

Being a parent is an awesome job in both senses of the word. Having to be mom and dad is a feat that many women accomplish with minimal recognition.

To those moms who are also dad to their children, I wish you a very well-deserved, Happy Father’s Day!

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